Why CicaLux ?

CicaLux Energized Scar-Care is a combination therapy device designed to help prevent or improve hyper-pigmented, hypertrophic (raised) and/or keloid scars resulting from incisional surgeries.

Did you know?


of scars following surgery become hypertrophic (raised) [1].


of patients are dissatisfied with scars resulting from surgery [2].


of c-section patients suffer chronic post-operative pain 3 months post-surgery [3].

Another important fact…

In 2014 an international team of experts concluded that silicone sheets are ‘gold standard’ therapy for the prevention and the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids, yet they should be used with a combination of other treatment options to provide patients with optimal outcomes.[4]

CicaLux Features and Benefits


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The thick, soft and comfortable CicaLux Silicone Sheet combined with the CicaLux Tape is designed to provide superior compression performance. Compression therapy helps to flatten and prevent thickening of scar tissue [5, 6].
Additionally, the CicaLux silicone sheet’s ultra smooth base is gentle on the skin and does not pull or tug on the underlying scar tissue.


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The Cicalux Silicone Sheet helps prevent transdermal water loss. This occlusion and natural hydration are beneficial to the healing process. Silicone sheets have also been shown to address skin pruritus (itchiness) and pigmentation changes [7].


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The 100% medical grade CicaLux Silicone Sheet and cotton CicaLux Tape allow the skin to breathe - helping reduce the occurrence of skin maceration from excess moisture. The CicaLux Tape also provides for maximum hygiene and security as it is single-use and replaced daily.


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The CicaLux Silicone Sheet is reusable and durable. Its non-sticky design allows for easy handling and quick cleaning with soap and water. The hand-crafted, natural CicaLux Stone is also very durable and reusable.

Heat Therapy

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The reusable and customized CicaLux Stone provides infrared (IR) heat therapy sessions known to help increase blood flow, improve healing, and provide soothing pain relief. IR therapy has been used for centuries for a variety of therapies including improving wound healing and providing pain relief among c-section mothers [8, 9, 10].
The CicaLux Stone may also be detached at anytime and used separately to aid finger massaging of the scar tissue.


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The single-use, pro-hygienic, CicaLux Tape relieves the stress on the scar while securing and compressing the silicone sheet for maximum performance. Reducing the stress on the scar during the lengthy wound healing process is of utmost importance [11]. Keeping the skin together on each side of the incision helps prevent widening or voids where scar tissue can fill and increase the risk of hypertrophic scarring. The CicaLux Tape adheres only to the healthier skin surrounding the scar line - thus preventing any direct pulling or tugging of the scar tissue itself.
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