“I started with a scar that was red, itchy, and slightly raised to now having a scar that is practically invisible…”

My name is Karly Louise Smart, I’m 35 years old and currently live in South Wales in the UK and am a specialist in c-section recovery and postpartum weight loss… I am a mother of 5 beautiful children 4 of which were delivered vaginally and the 5th via emergency c-section after which I contracted sepsis.

Tell us about your c-section journey

My c-section recovery seemed a little more challenging than others as I contracted sepsis in my scar after my operation. I also kept getting reoccurring infections in the scar up to 6 months after my operation. My scar in general started to heal pretty well after the 6-month mark as I ensured I supplemented my body with nutrients and foods that would help with healing and scar tissue. It was when researching that I found CicaLux therapy on Instagram. At this point my scar was still itchy and I would experience issues such as raised lumps and ingrowing hair at the scar site.

How was your recovery journey with CicaLux?

I was so excited when I received my product through the post. I was surprised at how well it was packaged and how easy the instructions were. The first day I used it (see photo) I found it to be very discrete and easy to wear while carrying on with my daily routine. I would wear my therapy as much as possible and make it a habit of putting it on after the bath every night (7pm) and then taking it off the following day at bath time again. I found this helped me keep in a good routine and also helped me ensure it was washed correctly too. I found that it was easy to wear even with 2 toddlers jumping all over me. I even found it effective when my monthly period came around as the heated stone would help ease some of the cramping pains I experienced.

After the treatment, I was shocked. I found my scar’s redness had disappeared and the itchiness too. I feel confident that if anyone needs help with the appearance of their scar I would recommend CicaLux therapy straight away.


My scar after 57 days of CicaLux therapy. The treatment is usually 60 days long but I was too excited to wait the extra few days I had to post the results!


Do you think that c-section recovery is talked about enough?

For me c-section recovery and the issues we face as women are not talked about nearly enough. I also feel there is a gap where health care providers should discuss c-sections In detail (from the risk factors having a c-section can pose later to recovery in general not enough is done in this area).

Your advice to other c-section mothers?

After countless amounts of research into recovery from a c-section I would give this advice to any woman due for a c-section or recovering from one.Ensure you give your body the full recovery it needs after your c-section, flood it with nutrients from foods and supplements… Eat high protein foods which will aid scar recovery… Incorporate omegas and vitamin D3 into your diet. Take anti-inflammatory ingredients such as turmeric, ginger and rooibos tea regularly. And above all, take it easy, don’t push things too far you’ve been through a major operation. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time <3

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The CicaLux Story

My Story

Michel Alvarez Founder and CEO
I suffered an injury at age 2, that split-open my left cheek and left a hypotrophic scar.  For a young, small, smooth face, the imperfection was pronounced.  In elementary school, I remember the first two questions when meeting new kids were: What’s your name? What happened to your face?
This went on for years.  It bothered me. I was embarrassed, and even ashamed. Eventually as a teenager I accepted it as other smaller scars from chicken pox and acne, along with facial hair, diluted the scar’s prominence.

But I am lucky.  It was not a large hypertrophic or keloid scar but just a small hypotrophic scar.  Yet I had a glimpse of what a person feels like when the multi-month wound healing and scarring process are not optimal.  After two years of research, my team and I developed CicaLux – Energized Scar Therapy.  I was among the first to use CicaLux. It improved my 5yr old hypertrophic shoulder scar.  We aim to help your scar too!

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