Smoothing out your C-section scar with CicaLux

Written by Aurélie, c-section mother & blogger Hello everyone, today we’re going to talk about c-section scars, and smoothing out your C-section scar with CicaLux. As you may know, I gave birth to my baby girl on December 7, 2020 by scheduled C-section, due to a placental complication detected during my pregnancy (a placenta previa). I … Read more

What Does Transgender Top Surgery Involve?

When an individual identifies with a different gender, to the gender they have been born with, this is referred to as gender dysmorphia.  The majority of transgender individuals will begin their journey to change to the gender they identify with by having counselling and hormone therapy. The hormone therapy will help to either feminise or masculinise … Read more

Tattooing your scar? Meet Jo Ann, Scar Cover Up Tattoo Artist in San Diego

Use CicaLux prior to getting your tattoo to help hydrate, flatten, soften, smooth, and fade your scar to ensure the best tattoo outcome. Check out Jo Ann’s Instagram account for more before and after scar tattoo results Posts you might also like:  I’m Getting a Tattoo to Highlight My C-Section Scar Scar treatments and the process of wound healing following plastic surgery … Read more

Scar Therapy – What? Why? Who?

This presentation explores what scar therapy is, why it works so well and who can benefit from treatment.  It also mentions different products to help scar recovery. Posts you might also like: Innovative scar therapy test- Day 1 Scar therapist Hannah is introducing award-winning CicaLux for c-section scars CicaLux : The innovative device that reduces … Read more

Scar treatments and the process of wound healing following plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, otherwise referred to as cosmetic surgery, is growing in popularity. Numerous plastic surgery procedures are now safer, with more reliable results and higher patient satisfaction rates. The media have highlighted the role social media has played in the rise of plastic surgery and research has also shown that the popularity of selfies, has … Read more

What is it Like Giving Birth during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Whether you are expecting your first or third baby, the thought of giving birth during the COVID-19 pandemic might make you nervous, anxious, or terrified. Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of this situation is that scientists are still researching coronavirus. Your first baby delivery may not have happened during public health challenges. The … Read more

5 Powerhouse Foods That Will Help You Heal After a Tummy Tuck

by Suzanne Kvilhaug Right after abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck, people experience mixed emotions. They’re undoubtedly feeling new and improved yet they know the healing process isn’t going to happen overnight. The process can be uncomfortable and include a lot of highs and lows. Besides needing ample amounts of rest, what you put … Read more


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