Scar treatments and the process of wound healing following plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, otherwise referred to as cosmetic surgery, is growing in popularity. Numerous plastic surgery procedures are now safer, with more reliable results and higher patient satisfaction rates. The media have highlighted the role social media has played in the rise of plastic surgery and research has also shown that the popularity of selfies, has … Read more

The Art of Traveling Pregnant During a Pandemic

Tips and Tricks to Take to Heart…and Belly Travel is a powerful outlet. For some, it’s the ultimate route for connecting professionally. For others, the opportunity to venture out and discover new places is irresistible. Whatever the motivation may be, travel is an integral part of life. Once upon a time, travel seemed simple…then 2020 … Read more

Slow Down to Speed Up Healing

Let me invite you to stop what you are doing and just slow down.  Why? The reasons are myriad but let me begin today with a brief introduction to TaiChi and QiGong, the centuries-old exercise methods of the mind, body and spirit. For those of you have been through or are preparing for any form … Read more

How Your C-Section Scar Affects Exercising, And What You Should Do About It

Although motherhood is beautiful and fulfilling, most new mothers can’t wait to get back their pre-pregnancy shape and flat tummy. But this can be challenging, especially if you have delivered your baby via a cesarean section.   You are not alone. C-sections are common, accounting for an estimated 31.9 percent of all deliveries in the United … Read more

Top 5 C-Section Care Tips

Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. Welcoming a new little one into the world is an experience like no other. It does not matter what way they come into the world, may it be natural or through a Cesarean section. Your newest little bundle of joy will … Read more

CicaLux Launches in the UK

Belgian based company Alvalux Medical has appointed bébélephant as UK Distributors of their innovative CicaLux® energised scar-care treatment – which promises to improve both old and new scars without invasive procedures. CicaLux is revolutionising the treatment of scars with a unique device which finds itself at the crossroads of aesthetic care and wearable tech. The … Read more

CicaLux : The innovative device that reduces post-caesarean section scars

Updated July 24, 2020 By Malvine Sevrin The CicaLux promise?  Improve the appearance of scars in just 60 days and without invasive procedures. Focus on an innovation made in Belgium. A Belgian company is revolutionizing scar treatment with a unique device at the crossroads of  aesthetic care and wearable technology. The CicaLux device has been … Read more

Cicalux Wins ‘Best For Mom’ award In USA

Alvalux Medical SA (and USA subsidiary CicaLux Inc.) is pleased to announce that its CicaLux® – Energized Scar Care has earned its 2nd USA product award – the National Parenting Product Awards – Best for Mom Winner – 2020. “We are pleased to see our innovative scar therapy product helping moms achieve better scar results,” says Michel Alvarez, … Read more


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