Smoothing out your C-section scar with CicaLux

Written by Aurélie, c-section mother & blogger Hello everyone, today we’re going to talk about c-section scars, and smoothing out your C-section scar with CicaLux. As you may know, I gave birth to my baby girl on December 7, 2020 by scheduled C-section, due to a placental complication detected during my pregnancy (a placenta previa). I … Read more

The CicaLux Story

Michel Alvarez Founder and CEO My Story I suffered an injury at age 2, that split-open my left cheek and left a hypotrophic scar.  For a young, small, smooth face, the imperfection was pronounced.  In elementary school, I remember the first two questions when meeting new kids were: What’s your name? What happened to your … Read more

CicaLux Launches in the UK

Belgian based company Alvalux Medical has appointed bébélephant as UK Distributors of their innovative CicaLux® energised scar-care treatment – which promises to improve both old and new scars without invasive procedures. CicaLux is revolutionising the treatment of scars with a unique device which finds itself at the crossroads of aesthetic care and wearable tech. The … Read more

CicaLux : The innovative device that reduces post-caesarean section scars

Updated July 24, 2020 By Malvine Sevrin The CicaLux promise?  Improve the appearance of scars in just 60 days and without invasive procedures. Focus on an innovation made in Belgium. A Belgian company is revolutionizing scar treatment with a unique device at the crossroads of  aesthetic care and wearable technology. The CicaLux device has been … Read more

How safe is a cesarean section or “c-section” today? Let’s go back to its origin.

A bit of history… Today, 33% of births in the US are cesarean sections or “c-sections” and the global trend has been increasing. The reasons for performing a c-section versus a vaginal delivery may vary. The various reasons could include, but are not limited to the following: Medical necessity: During delivery your doctor may find … Read more


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