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“ Although my scar is still quite red (I know it will take time and patience) I find it much
smoother and flatter after only a few weeks of using CicaLux.

Emma B., User, Paris, France

“Frankly, I find my patient's scar quite beautiful compared to before after only a
couple weeks of CicaLux use. It is less pigmented and finer! I encourage her to continue to use CicaLux diligently.

Audrey B., Midwife, Yzeure, France

“ The scar has already significantly improved in just two weeks.
It has already visibly retracted and is much less inflamed and much less red!
I wear CicaLux day and night with great comfort.

Catherine P. (treating a 10-month old c-section scar)

"My c-section was 7 months ago. I find CicaLux easy to use and I immediately saw progress in the first weeks. My scar became smoother, less red and more uniform. I will recommend it to my patients!

Thais M., Midwife and user, Suresnes, France

"I continue to use CicaLux all day and night and I am delighted the scar has significantly improved in terms of width and appearance.
The itchiness of the scar has also diminished. I am very satisfied and I intend to recommend it to the doctors (OBGYN’s) I visit."

Catherine P. (Paris, France)

“I have been using CicaLux for only 3 weeks on my one year old breast surgery scar. I am already noticing positive improvements, especially in the color of my scarring , which appears less pink and more white.

Nicola P. (Côte d’Azur, France)

“I evaluated CicaLux with 11 of my c-section patients and I recommend it.

Dr. Thierry H., Chief Surgeon OB/GYN

“Regarding the CicaLux result, I am more than satisfied. The use was simple and effective. I recommend it.

J.D. – mom - Paris, FR

“Overall, I enjoyed wearing Cicalux to alleviate and relieve my c-section scar.

S.R. – mom - Paris, FR

“Definitely a winner for me. I saw results from the very first use! Used on a very recent c-section scar that had left me looking like I’d had a fight with Edward Scissorhands! The redness is already fading after only a month using the product leaving just a faint line. A previous c-section scar took almost a year using dry oil every day to reduce the redness and start to fade. Very reasonably priced and a product that really does deliver!”

Mother&Baby Awards UK – mom tester

“CicaLux stands out for scar healing because it uses different things to promote healing and the overall look of the scar. I like it has the little heat stone and puts a mild pleasure on at the same time. It's comfy to wear and caused no irritation or problems like that and I have extremely sensitive skin.

Mother&Baby Awards UK – mom tester

“Out of all the products on the market that are aimed at reducing redness/texture of c-section scars, I probably would pick this one again. My reasoning behind this choice is that I have actually seen a difference. I am skeptical about other products, such as oils and creams, that I have tried before and didn’t really make any difference.

Mother&Baby Awards UK – mom tester

“The scar tissue is disappearing more and more. The scar is less and less bulging. It itches less and less. I am really very happy with CicaLux.

Thais- testimonial after 7 days of use, France

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Michel Alvarez

Founder and CEO

My Story

I suffered an injury at age 2, that split-open my left cheek and left a hypotrophic scar.  For a young, small, smooth face, the imperfection was pronounced.  In elementary school, I remember the first two questions when meeting new kids were: What’s your name? What happened to your face?
This went on for years.  It bothered me. I was embarrassed, and even ashamed. Eventually as a teenager I accepted it as other smaller scars from chicken pox and acne, along with facial hair, diluted the scar’s prominence.

But I am lucky.  It was not a large hypertrophic or keloid scar but just a small hypotrophic scar.  Yet I had a glimpse of what a person feels like when the multi-month wound healing and scarring process are not optimal.  After two years of research, my team and I developed CicaLux – Energized Scar Therapy.  I was among the first to use CicaLux. It improved my 5yr old hypertrophic shoulder scar.  We aim to help your scar too!


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