Let me invite you to stop what you are doing and just slow down. 

Why? The reasons are myriad but let me begin today with a brief introduction to TaiChi and QiGong, the centuries-old exercise methods of the mind, body and spirit.

For those of you have been through or are preparing for any form of surgery, including 

C-section, mastectomy, breast reconstruction and lumpectomy, your physical, emotional and spiritual self are being challenged, creating a state of imbalance in your body. Both TaiChi and QiGong can help in preparing for as well as post-surgery recovery by removing Qi blockage in order harmonize energy flow through all meridians in order to gently cultivate the body’s internal healing and calming mechanisms.

Often described as meditation in motion, TaiChi places special emphasis on relaxed breathing. The deep breathwork combined with calming movements provide the body with extra oxygen which is crucial to wound healing and anxiety reduction.  Through the relaxation achieved from the breathwork and slow movements of TaiChi, tension in the body decreases, oxygen flow is increased, and healing response is sped up.  In addition, if you practice TaiChi while using

CicaLux scar therapy, the natural stone that is placed in the CicaLux silicone sheet emits heat, bringing more thermal energy to the area, assisting the body’s own power to heal!

Both TaiChi and QiGong can be practiced by people of all ages, health, weight, age, and fitness level.  The slow flowing, gentle movements of both are well-suited for people recovering from injury or surgery which oftentimes limits rigorous movement.  While the physical exercises are gentle and involve minor movement, internal Qi (life energy) flow created by the movement has profound healing effects on the body.

With over 25 years of TaiChi experience under my belt, I can personally attest to the healing powers of the practice and would encourage all to incorporate TaiChi and CicaLux into your healing journey.

In a world where we are constantly rushing to quickly do more and more, isn’t it nice to know that you can gain more by slowing down?

About the author:
Leda Elliott is a TaiChi/ Reiki Master, Mind-Body Wellness Coach, Holistic Cancer Coach and owner of A Thousand Crane Studio.  She has twenty five years of extensive experience teaching, competing and performing TaiChi internationally and nationally.  Leda works together with libraries, schools, organizations and businesses in the community to promote healthy and harmonious lifestyle change through her workshops/talks, group classes and private consultations.  www.athousandcranestudio.space
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