CicaLux® is now available in Australia and Hong Kong!

Alvalux Medical is pleased to announce that CicaLux® – Energized Scar Care is now available for sale to consumers in Australia and Hong Kong following its successful registration and importation by its exclusive distributors Healthport and Aloha Medical. Healthport works with technology companies that develop innovative wearable solutions for chronic health conditions that can be used in your home. Aloha Medical … Read more

How safe is a cesarean section or “c-section” today? Let’s go back to its origin.

A bit of history… Today, 33% of births in the US are cesarean sections or “c-sections” and the global trend has been increasing. The reasons for performing a c-section versus a vaginal delivery may vary. The various reasons could include, but are not limited to the following: Medical necessity: During delivery your doctor may find … Read more


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