Tattooing your scar? Meet Jo Ann, Scar Cover Up Tattoo Artist in San Diego

Use CicaLux prior to getting your tattoo to help hydrate, flatten, soften, smooth, and fade your scar to ensure the best tattoo outcome. Check out Jo Ann’s Instagram account for more before and after scar tattoo results Posts you might also like:  I’m Getting a Tattoo to Highlight My C-Section Scar Scar treatments and the process of wound healing following plastic surgery … Read more

Scar Therapy – What? Why? Who?

This presentation explores what scar therapy is, why it works so well and who can benefit from treatment.  It also mentions different products to help scar recovery. Posts you might also like: Innovative scar therapy test- Day 1 Scar therapist Hannah is introducing award-winning CicaLux for c-section scars CicaLux : The innovative device that reduces … Read more


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